Bridging the Generation Gap

Have you experienced generation gap in your family or in school?  Give some situation on how you can bridge this gap.

What is a generation gap?

As defined in an educational website I have visited, the term generation gap is defined as difference in the ways of thinking and perception in the people of two different generations which results in behavioural differences and sometimes, conflict among them.

Gap in the family

The most common experience of this gap is whenever my mother would scold me not eating lunch or dinner on time because I spend most of the time surfing the net or using my cell phone(and other gadget as well).  Then I would start bragging because I don’t want to eat yet which causes my mother’s impatience towards me.  Also, because I’m hooked in using social networking sites, instead of telling my problems to my family, I would just post it on my account on twitter (which is wrong).  The wrong use of technology makes gap in communicating with the family, we tend to seek for answers instantly in the internet and not on our family, it builds barrier to proper communication and bond with our family.

Gap in the school

Generation gap does not only happen between us and our parents, but to us and our teachers as well.  Because majority of the students possess their devices/gadgets, they would just want to have a soft copy of the lesson being tackled by the instructor.  They like a teacher who has an open mind with the way they teach, allows the use of gadgets in their discussions which entertains a good flow of ideas to the learners.  But some instructors are not well equipped with knowledge in using technology which makes the students to get bored during discussions producing a gap between the teacher and the learners.

So what is it for us to cope with those cited gaps? 

Generation gap for me is constant.  Even without the advancement of technology, there would still be misunderstandings and conflicts between every human race because of different beliefs, ideals, traditions, culture, etc.  Gaps would not be erased, it could only be decreased.  I think that what matters most is that we shall start to realize our differences, accept and adjust with it.

But due to technological advancement especially in this generation, the youth must not be controlled by technology; we should not allow it to use us.  And as a student, I have come to realize that  its also a matter of respect, it’s not just because we are the ones who are expert in using technology that we should have the right to rant about it against the elderly ones.   After all, we are all humans.

“The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.”
― Sydney J. Harris




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