Student-centered learning

In what ways can IT promote student-centered atmosphere?

                Through the use of multimedia technology (using of PowerPoint presentation in teaching, audio-visual presentation, film showing, etc.), students can become interactive in the discussion, and they are creative in formulating answers and doing projects and homework.  As a result, learners become motivated to listen attentively to their teacher.

What are the attributes of a student-centered learning classroom?

Student-student interaction is highly promoted; the teacher allows his/her students on using technology with restrictions.  The teachers encourage the students to discover how they learn best and apply different strategies that would suit for the learners different intelligences.  Also, relationship between the teacher and students become more collaborative.

Here is a website wherein it tackles about the same topic;

As a future teacher, what interventions can you employ to create a student-centered learning?

A teacher should encourage collaboration not just between him/her and the student, but also, she/he must formulate plans for the students to collaborate and interact with each other during the discussions and activities.    In evaluating my students, I must consider their multiple intelligences, and then make use of different teaching strategies which would be beneficial for them.


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