Educational websites

Wandering in the internet’s web exposes us to a smorgasbord of various ideas and creations.  Offering almost everything, one might not even notice that they are already adhered into it.

The internet has provided both the teacher and the students a wide array of information.  Learning has become convenient, and comprehensive, not to mention that it is also confusing.  Because of the invention of “copy-paste”, students tend to copy the information gathered and tend to forget that they are copyrighted by the blogger or by the website itself, making the student or anyone to commit plagiarism.

The only thing is that even though internet partially has everything, it won’t give you everything that you want unless you know how to use it.

So, does it serve its purpose in educating?  Yes and no.  It does, and it will educate you.  But to achieve that, you have to learn “how” to learn.  The internet does not aim to replace the library; in fact, it is a library on its own.  The internet is one big chain of restaurants; you have to be able to sort out which would cater your tongue, and which are just plain junk foods.



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