Skills of the 21st century learners

Internet has provided a plethora of information being catered by the web users.  Many sites are used for their convenience regarding school activities, communication and correspondence to relatives in far places, and many more things to mention.

The internet has transformed our everyday lives, changing us positively to be a more productive student/professional by making use of different educational website, social networking sites or other websites wherein we can use it for our other needs.

As I wander in the internet’s web, I go through a website ( which has its defined skills of the 21st century learners.  And these skills are:

  • Ways of thinking.Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning
  • Ways of working.Communication and collaboration
  • Tools for working. Information and communications technology (ICT) and information literacy
  • Skills for living in the world.Citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility.


Being a 21st century learner, I enjoy various benefits in being familiar and a user of the technology in my everyday life. But as I reflect on the things I’ve searched, I came to realize that I don’t possess all of the cited skills in the categories.

I do believe that I am not that much of an expert in using different tools, and making use of different websites in the internet.   For an instance, when there is a project or homework which needs profound research, I tend to copy these information on the first site that I have visited not thinking that there are also reliable sites that contain more information regarding the topic.  But after reflecting on this weakness, I will be able to adjust and amend my habit during searching in the internet to make my project or homework more accurate.

But I am sure that I also possess skills which are vital in using the internet, for example,  i am aware of the etiquette in using social networking sites, i respect and support anti-bullying to social networkers and I do believe in proper and deferential communication among others.

So why do we have to have all the 21st century learning skills?  Because it would make us more equipped technology users and creative and competitive in our future professions.


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