Digital Ethics


Facebook has been a part of most people’s lives, especially teen agers.  This social networking site becomes phenomenal because of its wide array of offers to users.  It enables the users to add other people as their friends, and send them messages, update their profiles and notify their friends about themselves.  Also, you can be a member of a group organized by your school and be update to event, trending issues, or other matters.

As an ordinary teenager, I use Facebook twice or thrice weekly.  And as to this time wherein I could say that I have matured, I don’t post that much or upload my pictures or photo albums often.  I do believe that I should be careful to my posts or to the things that I do in Facebook.  I also make sure to adjust my privacy settings to a specific post that I do.

People are diverse. We differ on our opinions, choices, life experiences, and personalities.  As I went through my friends’ profiles, it is evident that they have similarities and differences in the way they make a status.

As I went through the different profiles, I have decided to compare the three different profiles I have visited.

Meddi Ann C. Vivero does not update her status that much.  But she is fond of posting photos with inspirational quotes.  She also updates her profile as to her profile and cover photos, her about (school, hometown, etc.), she doesn’t have that friends in her account and she does not have many conversations with others as well.


Krizelle Infante’s profile contained various photos wherein she’s tagged by her other friends.  She also does not share many information about herself, but it is evident that she is fond of reading books and her posts mostly are about updates of the books that she loves that are adapted into movies.

Jay Ramboyong is updated in his profile; he posts his status almost every day which contains various inspirational quotes and random posts.  He also likes watching various TV programs and is also fond of reading books.


According to an article I have read, there are “12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media”, and as I review it and relate it to the three profiles I have visited, we can say that they are a good user of this site. And for me, only the no.12 on the list is likely to be transparent to other people’s profile which is, they post emotionally.  Others might not think of its effect instantly but it sure affects us (on how others might think of us). As we become more mature (not just in age but also in personality), we must first consider the things that would likely to happen because of information and posts we display to the public.

Facebook has changed our lives.  Asides from its advantage (ease of communication with others), it also has disadvantage like being addicted to its usage.  But it depends to us on how we will use this site effectively and responsibly.

We cannot judge a person completely by his or her own Facebook profile, but it is sure a good way to start.  So be mindful to things that you post.

Here is a video telling us what digital ethics is all about:

Visited website:


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